UT SOPHIA POESIS is a project on philosophical poetry, devised by Enrico Pasini as part of a wider research on the historical diversity of philosophical writing.

‘Ut sophia poesis’, or ‘ut philosophia poesis’ is an easy wordplay on a very famous formula that expresses Horace's poetics (Ad Pis. 361). Sometimes poets do philosophy: “et Poetarum dicta pleraque habita sunt pro oraculis” (Pontano, De sermone, in De sermone et de bello Neapolitano, c. c2 r.). Sometimes philosophers write poetry. In this intersection lies the subject matter of this project.

A Zotero bibliography on philosophical poetry (texts and critical literature) is curated by the utsophiapoesis group at https://www.zotero.org/groups/2359845/utsophiapoesis.

In the 2020 Spring term, an inaugural seminar on philosophical poetry was held at the University of Turin. The 2021 online seminar will be jointly organized by the fMOD Group at the University of Turin and the ILIESI/CNR.

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