The Italian Society of Leibnizian studies Sodalitas Leibnitiana, in collaboration with other European societies of Leibnizian studies, has started a research project denominated LCA—G.W. Leibniz’s Correspondents and Acquaintances. Intellectual networks, themes, individuals.

The Project

The reconstruction of wide networks of intellectual relations is at present a major research field in the intellectual history in general, and of European culture in particular; a group of European societies of Leibnizian studies, on the initiative of the Sodalitas Leibnitiana, have initiated a common research project dedicated to Leibniz’s network of correspondents and acquaintances (LCA). An online Biographical Dictionary of LCA, and other suitable electronic representations of the intellectual network that is the object of the research project, are the immediate results envisaged for the project.
The Sodalitas Leibnitiana and the other cooperating societies of Leibnizian studies participate in the project with the scientific contribution of their associates and with their international relation networks in the field of Leibnizian studies. Contributions to the project by individual scholars are equally welcome.
The results of the research activities (indicatively, printed and electronic publications, presentations and communications in congresses, workshops, seminars, etc.) shall appropriately mention the participating institutions and the authors of the particular contributions, and will be issued under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) license, or other suitable form of open access.


Technical collaboration and assistance is being given to the project by the “Research Group on the History of Early Modern and Modern Philosophical and Scientific Thought” (fMOD - of the Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences of the University of Turin (Italy); the University of Turin will provide the management and attribution of series of digital identifiers (D.O.I., P.U.R.L.) for use by the research project; a Collaboration Agreement between the Department and the Sodalitas Leibnitiana has been signed to this effect.
From July 1st 2015 to June 30th 2017 the LeiCA Project (financed by the 2014 Joint Call of the University of Turin and the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo) supports the activities of the LCA Project.

Participants & Partners
Partner Institutions