fMOD is a Research Group on the history of Early Modern and Modern philosophical and scientific thought, based at the University of Turin, Italy, in the Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences.

There have long been two multi-year research projects: “Materialism and scientific naturalism in German 17th and 18th-century philosophy”, and “Philosophers and philosophy outside the professional and academic field from the Early Modern to the Present time”, that had their start in 2013 and 2014 respectively, the first one being still operative. Now activities are more diversified among participants, with the DR2 project being the main collective long-term activity.

An yearly Seminar on Early Modern and Modern Philosophy has been the first activity of the Group. It was deployed formally at the master level, but the participants include Ph.D. students and post-docs.

The fMOD logo is based on Christian Wechel's Pegasus.

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